We pride ourselves in being South Africa’s premier provider of business marketing solutions.

And we are busy! Our business portal has already attracted more than 5,6 million visitors.

Even in this modern environment with internet connectivity being the buzz word, roughly 40% of South African businesses, their products and services cannot be found on the internet. We decided that it was time to create a centralized portal where every business, product or service can be found. This seemed very improbable at the time.

But we are solving what we thought to be unsolvable … one step at a time.

Yes, we are busy digitizing the South African business landscape!

We have more than 14,000 businesses listed in our business portal.

We are very proud of these statistics considering that we have never marketed our business!

The above statistics were achieved purely by word-of-mouth.


Once a business is listed in our business portal, our ‘Business Solutions’ phases kick in. We assist businesses to ‘brand and promote’ themselves and to create a “visible” awareness. For a small monthly fee, business owners log in and update their listing with images of products and services, flyers, brochures, pamphlets, contact details, social media links and much more …

For example, having the business profiled in a sliding banner for thousands of website visitors to see.

Additionally, our ‘Preferred Suppliers” also receive discounts on all purchases, receive free business leads and referrals and higher SEO ranking.Each listing also gets an interactive Google map directing customers to the front door!

We are in effect a “Feeder system” into all search engines on the internet.

There are a multitude of search engines to choose from with the most popular being Google. The statement “I simply ‘Google” it” is a fallacy!

Search engines can only find something if it is on the internet.

And if it is not? This is where we come into the picture. When we add the little old lady baking cakes from home, or the mechanic working in the backyard to our database, the search engines include this information in their search criteria.

We will be collating the information of 2 million businesses, their products, services, key word searches and more – for completion by 2027. Sure, many of these businesses, products and services can already be found on the internet – but a large percentage cannot be found.

As mentioned previously – we will also focus on the ”missing 40%”. This is particularly true of sole proprietors and small partnerships.

We will have a presence in every town and city in South Africa by 2027.