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Mylandscapes, a prestigious London-based design firm, specializes in the difficult and unique task of roof terrace and roof garden design. We acknowledge that designing a garden on a rooftop, where plants typically do not thrive, requires a different strategy than traditional ground-level gardens. Mylandscapes takes into account crucial factors like plant selection and viability when designing roof gardens. They carefully assess whether the plants can be transported to the roof and whether we can withstand the environmental conditions. In addition, the long-term growth potential of the plants is considered to ensure that they will not outgrow the available space. Mylandscapes’ expertise in roof terrace design enables them to create aesthetically pleasing and environmentally sustainable green spaces, overcoming the limitations and difficulties presented by rooftop environments. By selecting suitable plants and employing proper horticultural techniques, we ensure the garden’s longevity and prosperity. With our meticulous approach, Mylandscapes creates captivating roof gardens and terraces that not only beautify the urban landscape, but also provide a tranquil oasis within the urban environment.

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