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3D Dimensional Logo Wall Signage for Lobby and  3d Logo Signage for Reception


3d Logo Signage of Johannesburg specializes in custom laser cut dimensional acrylic logo wall signage painted in any color and finish imaginable to match your corporate branding guidelines. Our 3d logo wall signage is perfect for branding your office interiors, reception walls, lobby walls, elevator banks, entranceways, hallways and corridors. Contact us for a free consultation on your next corporate 3d logo wall signage project in Gauteng and we will provide you with a detailed 3d Logo Signage proposal.


What are Dimensional Sign Letters?


Dimensional sign letters are 3D letters made from Acrylic, or Metal that are mounted individually to the wall. They can either be raised on clear spacers or mounted flush with the wall. Options for depth include 1/16″ to 1″ for flat cut materials and 1″ – 5″ and up for layered Foam, Layered MDF or Channel letters.


We have years of experience designing signs. Thanks to our experience, after seeing your logo, we can always suggest the best way to bring it to life using different materials, depths and finishes.


However, here is everything about what goes into making dimensional signs, letters and logos. These options will give you a better sense of our recommendations.


If you are a designer or looking to take part in the sign design process, feel free to draw upon this information when discussing your sign idea with us.


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