Frequently Asked Questions

BizBuz is the leader in the supply of industry specific business marketing products, services and solutions in Southern Africa. Our range of products and services are aimed at creating awareness of business by various marketing means and to provide on-tap solutions to business needs.
The brand ‘BizBuz’ and its intellectual property, trade names and copyright are owned by Bizbuz B2B Systems (Pty) Ltd.
We operate on a ‘License’ basis much like a Franchise. However, we are in the process of finalising registration with FASA (Franchise Association of South Africa).
BIZBUZ is a ‘feeder’ system to search engines in order to drive online traffic to businesses. Search engines “crawl” our system every 48 hours collecting the latest information.
Sadly we do not spend money marketing businesses that do not spend money with us. This is normal business practice. Would you be prepared to spend money on a customer that does not spend money with you? In order for us to truly ‘BizBuz’ a business using a comprehensive range of marketing tools and media at our disposal, the business needs to be a subscriber.
Absolutely “Yes”. On a normal day to day basis the Brand Ambassador is the person that businesses will be in contact with. Should a business experiences any problems or feel that their business is being neglected then they should not hesitate to contact the Territory Owner of the area or our head office.
BizBuz has been in the public domain since November 2019. Prior to this date, extensive research and development was conducted. The research focused on identifying the marketing needs of all businesses (from sole proprietors to micro and medium institutions through to massive corporations). The research culminated in establishing a portal where business related marketing products and services could be found that would ensure sustained growth of South African business.
Currently there are around 14,000 businesses listed.
Our research indicated that there are in excess of 3 million businesses in South Africa with the vast majority being sole traders and small partnerships. Even the little old lady baking cookies from home for the home industry is a business to us. We intend listing at least 2 million businesses.
Business owners have an option of logging in and listing businesses themselves. We have a team of Brand Ambassadors literally walking door-to-door, street block by street block right across South Africa. Soon we will be pounding the roads of the rural areas. We hope to complete this exercise by late 2027 at which stage we will have visited and collected basic information of over 2 million businesses in South Africa.
We don’t talk – we do! We are creating 2,150 permanent, sustainable and high income jobs.
One cannot simulate a business environment in a computer lab. In many cases students have to do practical work as part of their curriculum in order to qualify. As a result we will soon be partnering with Universities and Colleges to offer students a choice of programs: such as mentorship, internship and learnerships.
Largely by word of mouth. We are launching aggressive marketingcampaigns starting soon. Part of our ‘creating awareness’ program will be to drive a concerted ‘buy local – support local‘ program.
BIZBUZ is broadening their business database and one of the ways that we are doing this is by listing all businesses for FREE. However, very limited text based information is collected and displayed on free listings.
Firstly by means of an interactive map. We pinpoint a business exact location according to the physical address or GPS coordinates. The map gives customers precise directions to the front door from anywhere. With Internet searches, all businesses are automatically included in our SEO and search criteria when listed on our directory. The business contact details will be displayed if clients search a business name, key words or tags or any number of categories under which the business is listed.
It depends on how ‘visible’ the business wants to be. We have various levels of subscription (prices are VAT included) starting from only R 115 per month. Details can be viewed in the "Preferred Suppliers" link in the menu bar above.
See full detail in the "Preferred Suppliers" link in the menu bar above.
We do not believe in contracts. A business can cancel their subscription at any time by giving us one month’s notice.
There is no catch. A business is under no obligation to partner with us. A business is also under no obligation to make use of our range of products or services.
Yes. Most business want websites but find the cost exorbitant. Our design costs are the lowest in the industry. Businesses find that technology can be pretty daunting. We have a very skilled team of software developers who can design any website from a basic splash page to full E-commerce (online shopping) website. Our website hosting is inexpensive and starts from R 25 per month.
Wouldn’t it be great if the business can log into their website whenever they wish and update it, add links and pages, upload photos and much more (much like they do on your social media pages)? Now the business can! We offer a 1-day user training course at one of our training centers across the country, provided that the website is designed by us (please contact us for the training costs). Training includes a comprehensive, easy to follow User Manual, hands-on website management training and ongoing support
Yes. By now businesses must be aware of the enormous cost that they incur to make clients aware of their website presence. We often wonder whether businesses have checked their site statistics lately, such as: how many unique visitors (not hits) to the website and how many visitors the website had over the last month or year? These are very important statistics. These statistics will give any business a clear indication of the impact and success (or failure) of their electronic marketing strategy and how this may contribute to achieving sales targets. Our primary focus is to drive traffic to any website. This platform unfortunately does not allow for an in-depth discussion of the topic.
Yes. We have a massive range of clothing, gifting, promotional items, headwear, sportswear, work and safety wear, bags, and lots more. Visit our E-Store by clicking "Shop Online" in the menu bar above.
The range is too vast to discuss here. Click on the "Shop Online" link in the menu bar above and feel free to browse.
Our ultra-modern branding facility can brand any volume of items. Techniques used include debossing, digital, embroidery, laser engraving, pad printing, screen printing and doming.
We provide a ‘Virtual’ sample of products with the company logo or artwork superimposed to approve prior to branding. This allows businesses to preview and recommend changes before the order is processed.
We believe in work outsourcing and support local industry. We are creating an invaluable database of suppliers to all industry for you to tap into.
A QR code is actually a 3-dimentional barcode and works on the same basis as the barcode used on products in shops. When scanned by any mobile device, the business detail is automatically displayed. We provide every business listed by us with a free QR code. This is an amazing form of free advertising.
Consider it done! Simply mail our corporate office at and include your name, the name of your business, address and a contact number. We will call and confirm an appointment with one of our Brand Ambassadors at your convenience.